Cleanis Care Bag Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad prevents the commode pan liner from getting soiled.  It captures smells and turns faeces and urine into gel within seconds.
It is a single use product lined with super absorbent pad which is made of a non-woven fluff coupled with copolymers made of sodium acrylate. Absorbs 450ml of organic liquids or several litres of demineralised water.

  • Cleanis Carebag Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad protects all types of commode chair pails
  • Eliminates the unpleasant task of cleaning commode
  • Quickly absorbs body fluids and semi-solid materials
  • Reduces and confines odours when completely closed
  • Prevents risk of cross contamination
  • Improves the working conditions of the nursing staff or family
  • Pushes back the limits of dependence, sometimes dispensing with nappies and preserves the modesty and dignity of the patient
  • Recommended for isolation department, oncology, emergency room, maternity, radiology
  • Liner: Approximately 52cm x 40cm
  • Pad: Approximately 13cm x 24cm
  • Precaution of use:
    – Single-use product
    – Keep out of reach of children