Standard 50*40cm non-woven blue pp,60gsm disposable boot cover,prevent dust

Product Name:Disposable Non-woven Boot Cover
Material:Non woven, PE, PP,CPE;
Model:With anti-skid, without anti-skid;
Color:White, Green, Blue, Red,Pink,Yellow,Blue
Packing:10pcs/bag, 400pcs/carton
Note:1.This product is a one-time use only and destroyed after use;
2. Prohibition of use with damaged package;
3. The asepsis term of validity is two years, prohibit the use of expired products;
4. Should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment;
Applicable Scope:Used to prevent dust and bactria in food factories, lab room, school, public places, medical treatment hygiene,daily use, and so on;